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Devotional Songs on Seethala Devi

(incarnation of Durga)

In this album, the author has tuned six musical melodies on Seethala Devi, an incarnation of Supreme Goddess Durga.

Lyrics: Suseela Krishnan, India.

Arrangements: JKV Rithik Madhavan, India.

Music Director: Pradeep Swaminathan.

Singers: Pradeep Swaminathan, Janaki Iyer, Sraavya Pradeep.

JKV Rithik Madhavan

Pradeep Swaminathan

Janaki Iyer

Sraavya Pradeep

Maha Shakthi Seethala Devi temple, is in Madipakkam, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.  It was constructed during the year 2002 by sri Vidya Upasagar Guruji Sri Ragavan (Seethala Pattaragar), an ardent devotee of Devi (Parvathi). This CD is rendered under his divine guidance of Guruji and contains six devotional songs.


The highlight of the CD is the SeethalaDevi Kavacham, a raga malika that describes true form of Seethala Devi.

Legal Warning: Unauthorized Copying, Usage, Publishing, Public performance, hiring, Renting and Broadcating of this recording are prohibited

Interludes/BGM played in this album

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